Terms of Use

Version as of 09.2023

§ 1 General Provisions

1. This Regulation defines the rules and conditions for using the online service located at https://www.os-surveillance.io/ ("Service") by Users, the types and scope of services provided electronically, the conditions for providing services electronically, the terms of concluding and terminating agreements for the provision of services electronically, and the procedure for handling complaints regarding the provision of services electronically.
2. This Regulation is the regulation referred to in Article 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (consolidated text Journal of Laws 2020.344).
3. The owner of the Service located at https://www.os-surveillance.io/ is the Service Provider - OFFENSIVE OSINT Ltd.
4. Electronic correspondence regarding the activities of the online service should be sent to the email address
5. OFFENSIVE OSINT provides electronic services in accordance with the Regulation. The use of the Service implies acceptance of this Regulation and an obligation to comply with its provisions.

§ 2 Definitions

The wordings used in this Regulation have the following meanings:

USER A natural person with full legal capacity, a legal entity, or an organizational unit without legal personality, who utilizes the Services as described in this Terms of Service document at https://www.os-surveillance.io/, or who has registered a User Account to make use of the services at https://www.os-surveillance.io/.
SERVICE The service of providing access to the platform https://www.os-surveillance.io/, which enables:
- Event monitoring,
- Searching for photos and posts from social media in a specific area,
- Searching for live broadcasts from publicly accessible cameras in a specific area,
- Searching for WiFi and Bluetooth networks in a specific area,
- Searching for devices (cameras, servers, Internet of Things) directly connected to the Internet in a specific area,
- Searching for communication-related events (ships, accidents, airplanes, trains, traffic) in a specific area,
- Ability to add personal events to the map view.
PLATFORM A platform that allows the collection of publicly available real-time data based on a specific location. Further information about the functioning of the platform can be found at the link: https://offensiveosint.io
TERMS OF SERVICE This document specifies, in particular, the conditions for using the Platform, the rights and obligations of Users related to using the Platform, terms and principles of personal data protection, as well as the extent of Users' responsibilities.
USER ACCOUNT or ACCOUNT A collection of resources and permissions in the computer system granted to the User by the Service Provider. The User Account includes a specific and unique User Login and is secured with a User Password.
REGISTRATION A one-time activity involving the establishment of an Account by the User, carried out using a registration form provided by the Service Provider on one of the Platform's pages.
SUBSCRIPTION PLAN This refers to the selected Account operating variant chosen from the available plans on the website.
DEMO VERSION A version with limited functionality compared to the full version of the Platform.
SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD The period of Account activity for which a Subscription Fee is paid.
SUBSCRIPTION FEE The total monthly fee for owning an Account, as specified in the Subscription Plan.
AGREEMENT An agreement for the provision of electronic services concluded between the User and the Service Provider, with a content corresponding to that of the Terms of Service, which binds the User and all individuals who have been granted access to the Account by the User.
USER PASSWORD or PASSWORD A sequence of alphanumeric or other characters selected by the User and used to secure the User Account. It is associated with the User Login and known only to the User.
PERSONAL DATA All information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, concerning the User or individuals to whom the User has granted access to the Account: first name, last name, phone number, email address.

§ 3 Scope of Services

1. The services provided by the Service Provider entail granting access to the Service available at the website https://www.os-surveillance.io/, and organizing and facilitating Users' use of the Service by means of:
    • a. Event monitoring,
      b. Searching for photos and posts from social media within a specific area,
      c. Searching for live streams from publicly accessible cameras within a specific area,
      d. Searching for WiFi and Bluetooth networks within a specific area,
      e. Searching for devices (cameras, servers, Internet of Things) directly connected to the Internet within a specific area,
      f. Searching for communication-related events (ships, accidents, airplanes, trains, traffic) within a specific area,
      g. Ability to add their own events to the map view.

  • 2. OFFENSIVE OSINT reserves the right to modify the scope of services and content available, as appropriate to the permissions held and technical capabilities, without prior notice to users.
    3. OFFENSIVE OSINT also reserves the right to provide services other than those listed in paragraph 1 of this section through the Service. However, the detailed scope and terms of such services will be governed separately by distinct regulations or agreements entered into between OFFENSIVE OSINT and Service Users.
    4. Using the Service and the services provided by OFFENSIVE OSINT requires familiarity with the provisions of the Terms and expressing the User's consent to the conditions specified therein.

    § 4 Unlawful Content and Damage Limitation

    1. The User undertakes to use the Service in accordance with the law, good practices, and the provisions of these regulations.
    2. Access to the Account and Services offered by the Service is granted exclusively to Users who have registered an Account in the manner specified in the Terms, or to other individuals who have been granted access to the Account by the User. The User is responsible for the actions and omissions of individuals to whom access to the Account has been granted, as if they were their own.
    3. The User is responsible for the content they post on the Service.
    4. When registering, the User is obligated to provide accurate, truthful, current, and non-misleading personal information that does not infringe upon the rights of third parties. Additionally, the User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Password.
    5. Using the Service in a manner that is offensive, illegal, infringes upon copyright, or violates the rights of other Users is prohibited.
    6. Providing unlawful content is prohibited. Upon receipt of official notification or credible information from OFFENSIVE OSINT about the unlawful nature of stored data provided by the User, OFFENSIVE OSINT may immediately delete such data or prevent access to it, subject to the provisions of paragraph 2 of this section.
    7. In the event that OFFENSIVE OSINT becomes aware of a User's use of the Service that violates this document or of the unlawful nature of data provided by the User, OFFENSIVE OSINT shall notify the User of their unauthorized actions and demand their immediate cessation, under the penalty of discontinuing data processing and use of the Service.
    8. In the event of receiving official notification of the unlawful nature of stored data provided by the User and the resulting prevention of access to said data, OFFENSIVE OSINT shall not be liable to the User for any damage caused by the prevention of access to such data.
    9. The Service Provider is not responsible for technical problems or limitations in computer hardware and tools (e.g., incompatible versions of web browsers) used by the User, which prevent the User from using the Service and Services offered through it.
    10. The User bears exclusive responsibility for the content of the data they provide. OFFENSIVE OSINT informs that all content submitted by third parties identifying themselves with the User's Login and Password will be attributed to the User.

    § 5 Copyrights

    1. All copyrights to content posted on the Service, including texts, graphics, logos, icons, are the property of OFFENSIVE OSINT or other entities that provide such content.
    2. Using content without OFFENSIVE OSINT's consent is prohibited and constitutes a violation of copyright.
    3. Users may share content from the Service with OFFENSIVE OSINT's permission, provided they maintain the original links and source mentions.

    § 6 Registration and User Account Creation

    1. OFFENSIVE OSINT informs that access to Services is possible after registering an Account on the Service, thereby providing the User's personal data to the Service, as described in this section of the Regulations. This access is also granted upon meeting other conditions indicated in the Regulations, including the payment of the selected Subscription Plan by the User.
    2. User registration within the Service, and thus the creation of an Account, occurs by completing the registration form provided on one of the Service's pages after filling in the appropriate sections of the form.
    3. Completing the registration form requires the User to provide at least the following information:
    • a. User's email address,
      b. Access password for the User (Password).
  • OFFENSIVE OSINT reserves the right to expand the registration form with additional fields.
    4. After activating the Account, the User can use the Demo Version of the Service free of charge. If the User wishes to utilize the full functionality of the Service, they must pay for the chosen Subscription Plan. An individual Subscription Plan may be agreed upon at the User's request.
    5. For the purpose of using the Subscription Plan, the User is obliged to select a Subscription Plan for their Account and complete the registration process, additionally providing:
    • a. In the case of an individual person: first and last name, residential address,
      b. In the case of a legal entity or an organizational unit not being a legal person but having legal personality under the law: company name, tax identification number (NIP), registered address.
  • 6. If the User decides to utilize a Subscription Plan, OFFENSIVE OSINT is obligated to provide the User with a VAT PROFORMA invoice for the provided Services within 3 business days from the day of selecting the Subscription Plan and receiving the data referred to in paragraph 5 of this section. Upon OFFENSIVE OSINT's receipt of payment, a VAT invoice will be provided in the User's User Panel within 3 business days.
    7. The User is required to pay the Subscription Fee by the deadline specified in the VAT PROFORMA invoice received. The date of payment is considered the date on which OFFENSIVE OSINT's bank account is credited. In the event of the User failing to meet this deadline, OFFENSIVE OSINT shall be entitled to:
    • a. Block the User's access to the Account within 7 days from the date of unsuccessful payment,
      b. Delete the User's Account and all information contained therein within 30 days from the date of unsuccessful payment.
  • 8. Paying the Subscription Fee by the deadline specified in the VAT PROFORMA invoice provided to the User will initiate the Subscription Period.
    9. The agreement shall be terminated at the end of the Subscription Period, subject to the provisions of paragraph 7 of this section. In the event that the User declares the termination of the agreement before the end of the Subscription Period, they may use the Account and Services until the end of the paid Subscription Period. The User has the right to terminate the fixed-term agreement with a one-month notice period. Failure to terminate the fixed-term agreement at least 30 days before its end will result in its automatic transformation into an indefinite-term agreement, with the obligation to pay Subscription Fees for subsequent Subscription Periods in advance. In the event of untimely payment of any payments to OFFENSIVE OSINT or termination of cooperation between OFFENSIVE OSINT and the User, OFFENSIVE OSINT possesses the rights described in paragraph 7 of this section.

    § 7 Rules of using the Service

    1. To ensure the security of message transmission and in connection with the provided Services, the Service Provider employs technical and organizational measures appropriate to the degree of security threat posed to the provided Services.
    2. The User is obliged, in particular to:
    • a. Use the Service in a manner that does not disrupt its functioning, especially by using bots or other software, computer tools, or devices.
      b. Refrain from actions such as sending unsolicited commercial information or other information not requested by the User (spam) through the Service or placing it within the Service; engaging in computer activities or any other actions aimed at gaining information not intended for the User.
      c. Use the Service in accordance with the provisions of applicable law and the provisions of the Regulations.
      d. Avoid using the Service for committing any crimes, including fiscal offenses.
      e. Use the Service in accordance with the regulations of external data providers, particularly social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
      f. Not provide or post in the Service any content prohibited by the provisions of applicable law.
      g. Utilize all content posted within the Service only for one's own internal or personal use. The use of content in other ways is only permissible based on written consent granted by the Service Provider.
      h. Utilize the Service in a manner that is not burdensome to other Users and the Service Provider, with respect to their personal interests (including the right to privacy) and all their rights.
      i. Abstain from making any changes, supplements, adaptations, alterations, further translations, reproductions (reverse engineering), decompilations, disassemblies, and source code breaches of the Program within the Service. The Licensee is obliged not to undertake actions aimed at creating computer programs similar to the purpose or function of the Service.
      j. Refrain from introducing viruses, worms, Trojans, and other codes and instructions into the Service with the aim of distorting, deleting, damaging, disassembling the Service.
  • 3. OFFENSIVE OSINT assumes no responsibility for the violation of third-party rights or for any harm caused to third parties due to the User's activities using the data collected by the User in connection with the provided Services.
    4. Within the scope allowed by universally applicable legal regulations, OFFENSIVE OSINT is not liable for any damages incurred by the User or third parties as a result of using the Service or the inability to use the Service in accordance with the terms specified in the Regulations, as well as for damages suffered by the User or third parties in connection with the breach of the terms of the Agreement, particularly as a result of unauthorized or improper (not in accordance with its purpose) installation or use of the Service.
    5. OFFENSIVE OSINT assumes no responsibility for the content obtained during the provision of the Service to the User and for the resulting damages.
    6. The User acknowledges that the content provided to them in the Service is intended solely for the User's use and may be used by them only in accordance with the purpose defined in the Regulations.
    7. The User acknowledges that due to technical limitations of the Service, the number of queries in the Service has been limited to a value per user (excluding the CUSTOM plan):

    Module name Maximum amount of requests Plan Mini Maximum amount of requests Plan Max
    Airbnb 50 100
    Alltrails 50 100
    Flickr 50 100
    Instagram 50 100
    Snapchat 50 100
    Sportstracker 50 100
    Strava 50 100
    Vkontakte 50 100
    Weibo 50 100
    Youtube 50 100
    Surveillance 50 100
    Traffic 50 100
    Windy 50 100
    Worldcam 50 100
    Shodan (ICS, IoT, Internet facing cameras, Vulnerabilities) 125 250
    Wigle (Bluetooth, Cell Towers, Wifi networks) 250 returned data points (max 20 with one search) 500 returned data points (max 20 with one search)
    Amber Alerts 50 100
    Crimes 50 100
    Incidents 50 100
    Vessels 50 100
    Places & other 50 100

    Simultaneously, OFFENSIVE OSINT informs that the above limitation does not affect the User's access to previously accumulated data.
    8. The User acknowledges that content in the Service:
    • a. May contain materials protected by the copyright of third parties, particularly mentions, entries, and comments posted on social media.
    • b. Due to the copyright of third parties or other intellectual property rights, may be made available to the User in a limited manner and in a form that takes into account the principles applicable to external data providers or applicable legal regulations.
      • c. May contain inappropriate content and/or content intended solely for adults.
      9. In the event of the User posting any content in the Service, the User is obliged to comply with the relevant provisions of universally applicable law as well as the terms of service or other rules applicable in other services or platforms from which the User obtains information. The Service Provider is not liable for any violations committed by the User in this regard.
      10. The User is obliged to promptly notify the Service Provider of any infringement of their rights while using the Service, as well as of any violation of the rules specified in the Regulations.
      11. OFFENSIVE OSINT reserves the right to deprive the User of the right to use the Service and may also restrict the User's access to part or all of the resources of the Service or the Services offered by the Service Provider, with immediate effect, with or without notification, if there is reasonable suspicion that the User's actions constitute a violation of any provisions of applicable law, the Regulations, the rights of third parties, or are inconsistent with the general principles of Internet use, the purposes of creating the Service, or harm the reputation of the Service Provider.
      12. In the case specified in paragraph 6 of this section, the User is not entitled to a refund of paid or due Subscription Fees.
      13. A person or entity deprived of the right to use the Service cannot re-register without the prior consent of the Service Provider.

      § 8 Personal Data Stored in the User Account

      1. All data categorized as Personal Data is voluntarily entered into the Service by the User.
      2. In order to enable OFFENSIVE OSINT to provide Services to the User, the User entrusts OFFENSIVE OSINT with the processing of personal data in the scope and under the conditions specified in this paragraph. Based on this, OFFENSIVE OSINT is authorized to process personal data on behalf of the User solely for the purpose mentioned above and in the manner specified below.
      3. The entrusted processing of Personal Data includes the following activities: collection, recording, organization, sorting, storage, adaptation, retrieval, browsing, utilization, disclosure through transmission, distribution, or other forms of provision, matching or combining, restriction, deletion, or destruction.
      4. OFFENSIVE OSINT provides sufficient guarantees – particularly through expertise, experience, reliability, and resources – for the implementation of technical and organizational measures aimed at processing Personal Data in compliance with applicable personal data protection regulations, especially regarding the security of Personal Data.
      5. OFFENSIVE OSINT is obliged to promptly inform the User about:
      a. Any ongoing proceedings, especially administrative or judicial, concerning the entrusted processing of Personal Data, as well as any planned audits and inspections related to the processing of entrusted personal data, to the extent known,
      b. Any suspicion of a breach of personal data protection and potential consequences of such breach within 24 hours from the possibility of the breach occurring,
      c. The measures that OFFENSIVE OSINT has taken or intends to take to remedy the breach of Personal Data or minimize its effects.
      6. The User provides general consent for OFFENSIVE OSINT to use the services of another data processor referred to as a "Sub-processor," in order to perform all or selected activities of personal data processing on behalf of OFFENSIVE OSINT.
      7. Personal data is entrusted to OFFENSIVE OSINT for the duration of the provision of Services. After the completion of these services, the User can export Personal Data. Failure to export Personal Data within 14 days from the end of the provision of Services authorizes OFFENSIVE OSINT to delete Personal Data, in accordance with §11. Once the User has exported Personal Data and the provision of Services is concluded, OFFENSIVE OSINT will delete the Personal Data.

      § 9 Payment for Services

      1. The use of individual Services provided by OFFENSIVE OSINT through the Service is subject to a fee and is independent of the frequency of Service usage, with the exception of the Demo Version.
      2. Detailed information about the amount of Subscription Fees and the parameters of individual Subscription Plans can be found on the website: https://www.os-surveillance.io/pricing
      3. Subscription Fees are paid in advance for subsequent Subscription Periods, unless separate cooperation agreements between OFFENSIVE OSINT and the User establish a different payment mode.
      4. The day of the month that marks the beginning of the Subscription Period is determined by the date of the first payment credited to the OFFENSIVE OSINT account. The Subscription Period ends on a date corresponding to the initial day on which the Subscription Period began, and if such a day does not exist in the following month, it ends on the last day of that month.
      5. The Subscription Fee can be paid using external online payment systems (Stripe).
      6. The User has access to information on how to make the Subscription Payment in their Account.
      7. Any information about changes in Subscription Fee prices will be announced on the website https://www.os-surveillance.io and will only apply to the User starting from the next Subscription Period. The User can opt out of using the Service if they do not accept the new fees. Failure to submit a declaration of resignation from the Service within 14 days from the date of receiving information about the change in Subscription Plan prices implies acceptance of the changes in Subscription Plan prices.

      § 10 Complaint Procedure

      1. To report a complaint due to non-performance or inadequate performance of the Service by OFFENSIVE OSINT, the User needs to send a complaint to the email address, including the following details:
      a. The complainant's personal information, particularly first name, last name, correspondence address, User login,
      b. A concise description of the alleged violations,
      c. The User's proposed method for rectifying the reported infringements.
      2. In case a submitted complaint lacks the specified elements, the User will be asked to provide them. The complaint will be examined by OFFENSIVE OSINT within 14 days from the date of the correct submission, along with an indication of whether the complaint deserves consideration, along with a justification for OFFENSIVE OSINT's stance.

      § 11 Account Deletion in the Service

      1. Each User of the Service has the right to delete their own User Account.
      2. To delete an account in the Service, two steps must be taken: log in to the User Account in the Service and then click the "Delete account" button located in the appropriate place;
      3. As a result of submitting a request to delete the User Account, the User's Personal Data will be removed. For the purpose of possible explanatory proceedings, the Service will retain the User's email address and the date of Account deletion.
      4. By deleting the Account, the User relinquishes the further use of any paid Services within the Service. Deleting the User Account results in the cessation of service provision under the Subscription Plan for the User.

      § 12 Technical Breaks

      1. OFFENSIVE OSINT is entitled to temporarily suspend the operation of the Service and the Services it provides for technical reasons.
      2. OFFENSIVE OSINT will make every effort to ensure that technical breaks occur during nighttime hours and are as brief as possible.
      3. In the case of a technical break lasting more than 24 hours, the User has the right to extend the validity of the Subscription Period during which the technical break occurred by the same number of days as the duration of the technical break.
      4. OFFENSIVE OSINT is not liable to Users for non-performance or inadequate performance of Services due to reasons arising from third parties (including telecommunication network operators, social media), caused by force majeure, or resulting from the laws of certain countries (e.g., personal sanctions lists, export regulations, or the availability of services in certain countries).